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Greetings! I’m Xochi Moon, I come from the Jupiter moon Eurpoa. Here on Earth to share love,light, and a lot of rainbows.  My home is in Los Angeles with my two kitten babies.

I wish I could take them everywhere I go ,but unfortunately they have to stay home and protect the mothership while I explore this planet called Earth, of course my kitty babies will be with me in Spirit and I fly thro these Earthly portals,

Some dreamscapes I’d love to adventure to are Iceland-to experience the Northern Lights,  to dive deep into The Great Blue Hole in Belize, and The Green City of  Singapore to explore their vertical electric gardens. 

Some Frequencies that I keep by my side during my journeys range from Soul/ Blues, Darkwave, Noise, R&B, Pop, the list goes on!! I am always open to vibing out to new music. You can find me dancing and wiggling thro my journey on 

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