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I grew up in Brazil and was born in Southern California, USA. I was raised dancing/studying in the most competitive modern dance and Samba academies of the Northeast tropical coast of Brazil.

I speak Portuguese,  Spanish, English all fluently. My relationship experience comes from Brazil, where we have sex positions, nouns, adjectives, and movements that only exist in Brazilian Portuguese and the country of Brazil.

I feel that the base of a healthy life is surrounded and based by positivity, intense wild experiences made into lifelong memories, and absolute pleasure in all ways for oneself and others. I love anything that brings  adrenaline to the heart like extreme sports, skydiving, water sports and diving.

I am a world traveler and have a passion for flowers and shiny things, bright colors, jewelry bling. I am a novice Wellness category bodybuilder for women’s division, and I see myself earning my professional IFBB card before the age of 37 years old; I’m currently 34 in age.

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