18Eighteen Violet Gems Masturbation Videos


As much as we love schoolgirl uniforms, they don’t always do justice to a girl’s figure, especially a curvy, busty one like Violet’s. She unbuttons her top and reveals her juicy cleavage. Playing with her boobs is one of her favorite pastimes, and we can see why.

Her breasts have tan lines and her nips are pierced; who wouldn’t want to play with those puppies? Violet jiggles her tits and giggles, but she doesn’t stop there. She peels off her cotton panties and buries her finger in her pussy. Masturbating after school is also one of her favorite activities. Clearly, Violet knows how to have fun.

Violet might be the perfect girl.
This Cuban-Arab cutie is tiny, standing at only 4’10”, has a great rack and, get this, loves working on cars. Her ideal dates are going to a racetrack or auto show. “I’m not really into school. My passion is cars, and once I graduate, I hope to work on my own car. I also love driving fast; it turns me on.”

We bet that scores you a lot of points with the guys.
“Guys are usually surprised when I show them I know my way around a car. They’re surprised when I show them I know my way around a cock, too. I like to figure out what makes things work, and that includes turning on a guy and making him cum hard.”

Have you had sex in a car?
“In a car, on the hood, pressed up against the door and in the bed of a truck. I prefer to have sex in a place that has a little more room, but it is hot to give roadhead. One time a guy fingered me while I was driving, and I creamed all over his hand. I had to pull over immediately and ride him.”

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